Tomoyuki Yanagawa
Research on The Contrast Effects of Colors
Tomoyuki Yanagawa
year: 2012-
material: Display, Computer
size: 1200 x 720 x 77 mm

本研究では、ジョセフ・アルバースの『Interaction of Color』をもとに色の対比効果について詳細な分析を行い、コンピュータプログラミングを用いて自動化することにより、色を見たときに起こる人間の視覚特性を理解することを目的としている。

Colors are not absolute. The relative appearance of a color changes in accordance with its relationship to other colors.
By recording the tendencies and degrees of variation of color combinations that produce contrast effects, we have found that there are fixed laws governing the variation tendencies within the color space of the L*a*b* color system, which is considered to appear uniform to humans.
For this study, we carried out a detailed analysis, based on Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color, of the contrast effects of colors, using computer programming to automate the process. The aim of the study is to use the results of this process to understand the visual idiosyncrasies that occur in humans when they see colors.
ver.2.0 [2016]

ver.1.0 [2012]