Tomoyuki Yanagawa
on gradient
Tomoyuki Yanagawa
year: 2016
material: Lambda Paper, Aluminum, Degital Gelatin Silver Print
size: 600 x 600 mm


In this piece, two different-colored squares appear to be aligned vertically in the centre of a gradated image. However, in physical terms (i.e. in terms of their digital values), these two shades are exactly the same color.
Ordinarily, flat blocks of color placed against a gradient do not appear as a single color, as they are affected by the surrounding gradient. However, by using computer programming to control the visual effect produced by the mutual interaction between the different shades one pixel at a time, an image which is usually impossible has been created, in which flat blocks of color appear against a gradated background. (The slight variations in the shades of the squares can be seen by either covering the entire background, or by drawing close enough to the image that the background does not enter the vision.)
This piece aims towards a form of artistic expression made possible by modern advances in digital technology, and reminds us of the influence that colors have on our vision through simple shapes and structures.