Tomoyuki Yanagawa
Perceptive Window
Tomoyuki Yanagawa + Takayoshi Ohara + Ryu Furusawa
year: 2017
material: LED Lamp, LED Strip, Wood, Computer
size: W910 x H2120 x D300 mm x 7

色面は照明に影響されないように設計され物理的には常に一定な色を保つが、変化していく環境色との相互作用により豊かな色彩を我々に感じさせる。 また、それぞれの色面の差異から生じる対比効果の時間的ズレによって、知覚上のキネティックな効果が演出される。

This installation artwork incorporates 7 color panels in different, gradating shades, each with colored background light fixtures which illuminate the surrounding area, creating the overall effect.
The exhibit is designed so that the color panels will not be effected by the light emitted by the light fixtures and precise calculations ensure that a specific color is maintained, yet the contrast between the color panels and the changing colors of the background light give the impression of vibrant array of colors. Furthermore, the time-lapse of the contrasting effect provided by the variation among the color panels themselves provides a visceral kinetic experience to the observer.
By experiencing this exhibit, the observer will most likely see for themselves that 'color' is an abstract human construct, depending entirely on relative perception.

photo: Michiko Ishikawa